Acting in unison

We are a tightly held network that has come together on a mission to help shape big ideas and strategies that will catapult you and the world to a better future. 

Our philosophy

Who we are is defined by the stories we tell ourselves.

We all have internal narratives, the voice inside our head that develops as we move through life, shaping our identities. A belief system that either limits us or releases our full potential to make magic happen. Stories which we continuously try to make sense of and to share with others, to be recognised for and to be accepted.

The same principle can be applied as we move inside an organisation. The conversations we have between us and the ones we share with the outside world can similarly either prevent us from unleashing our best work or to set us into a direction where we, from the bottom of our hearts, try to give a unique contribution to make the world a better place.

That's where Prepublica comes in.

We believe that with the right knowledge and suitable nurturing anything is possible. For each assignment, we become your extended team and the partners that can get you to increase your momentum. We listen to you and then get you to engage in transformative discussions, workshops and exercises that cause you to break new ground.

Through us you get much more than just putting on some make-up to get a beautiful look. In every business idea there is a function to be born that can help society thrive, and that’s what we always try to achieve. To get you to dive deep enough to find it.

The result is an authentic story and identity that characterises your positive inner core and provides a vehicle through which the world can make sense of why you exist. The narrative that moves people beyond the personal to a sense of connection.

By doing so, we want to contribute to a future in which businesses take greater responsibility for the welfare of our lives and people act in unison to co-create lasting positive social change.

Care to join us?

The team

What unites us is a relentless passion for seeing and addressing the gap between good intentions and reality, between rhetoric and results.

Story Architect

Parham Shafti

I coach and facilitate the conversations that help unleash the full potential of people. Both within our organisation as well as our clients. I believe that we each of us have unlimited capacity, just that we need to discover our true purpose and the capabilities needed to start making real impact.

Art Director

Leon Martinsen

I usually have a very conversational approach when entering a project.

It’s great to have a strong strategic foundation to build upon, but it’s often in the initial conversations with a client that I find the seeds for the creative solutions on which to build a strong brand.

UX Designer

Kim Dahlroth

Having fun working on a lot of diverse projects, doing UX, analytics and product development.

I joined Prepublica because of Mr Trump and my children and also because I wanted to do something instead of just be standing there and complaining.

Art Director

Christoffer Höring

I often try to add something unexpected to every project we do. As a way to keep the result interesting and attention-grabbing.

That way we can also utilise elements specific to that project as a jolt of energy to the communication.

Graphic Designer

Annefrid Lundgren

As a graphic designer, I’m interested in the touching points of the intellectual story behind a project and the visual interpretation of that.

Packaging the story of a project or a company in a relevant way, that’s where it’s at for me!


Anders Ödman

I'm responsible for the technical side of things here, with the main focus on development for the web.

Also occasionally humbly speaking up in moments of clarity.

Parham Shafti

Hi, I’m Parham, founder of Prepublica. We are dedicated to help you find and reach your highest purpose.

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