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Join us as we uncover best practices and give you the methods and the knowledge that will help you and your business orient yourself in the meaning and value-creation process.

The 7 ROI factors of being purpose-driven - Part 1

Are you seeing a higher purpose as a luxury saying "We'll get to it when we have more time or more money?

Do you or the people at your organisation doubt the return you would get out of investing in finding and developing your business around a higher purpose? 

Are you worrying that doing the necessary work will slow growth and stall your sales now?

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The significance of mythology in today's world

The significance of mythology and its ability to give rise to important material for thought not only applies in the film world.

It is reflected in far more revolutionary contexts than this. The narrative of one myth in particular stands out among all the others when it comes to our most critical modern issue, the climate crisis.

6 min

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Changing Midstream

The rules have changed.

While the world is facing some of its greatest challenges, be it irreversible effects of the climate change, political discordances, social unevenness, or racial conflicts taking on new proportions, massive shifts in the boundaries of possibility have also been taking place.

We are speaking about the phenomenon of digitalisation, where many domains of social life are getting restructured around digital communication, fundamentally changing how businesses and people connect.

Unfortunately, with a hidden cost, which we want to shed some light on.

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Self-fulfilling Prophecies

”Let’s make the world a better place”.

You’ve undoubtedly heard this before, and you might even have been advocating it yourself. If not, this could be the place for an initiation.

Because due to the seriousness of the global challenges that currently surround us, they need to be confronted with great urgency. And who else is better suited to do this than us, the business world, i.e. the people who create the global experiences?

Which brings us to these questions: what can be done about the situation? And what part can we play in remedying it?

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