Frontage are commercial property consultants. The word “frontage” (a beautiful word we learned during the project) refers to the facade of a building.

Client story:
Finding Frontage a new story

Running a business that both represents the ever-expanding commercial properties market as well as acting as a trustworthy consultant and establishment partner to the world’s leading retail players can be tricky.

Both sides are enforcers of the investments that help us shape our shared environment, but each has a different type of interest that needs to get matched, for them to buy into what you do.

About Frontage

Frontage are commercial property consultants working out of Stockholm, Sweden.

So how do you develop your service and create a brand that communicates your offer in a way that resonates with the multifaceted customer group in a natural way?

And is there any underlaying purpose in what you do that could get people to deeply connect with your business?

Best part of this project was when the CEO came in to our office and shared the news that they had just been taken on to help revitalise Rinkebystråket.

Parham Shafti

A name that represents what you do

With the intention to find the answers and to develop their identity Prepublica got called in.

As part of the assignment we helped the founders to explore the market to understand their customer segments better, analyse the existing alternatives, and assess the potential of their company to make the necessary move

Our next step was then to converge the insights into a unifying story and to conceptualise their identity, including giving them their brand name, Frontage. A name that we believe related to the core of what they do.

The frontages of buildings not only contribute to attract customers to the business they represent, but also contribute to ensuring a harmonious and sustainable cityscape.

A few of Frontages take-aways:

  • A brand name that represented what they do
  • A deeper meaning to what they do
  • A unique positioning in the market
  • Their identity and a good look
  • Which digital communication channels to focus on
  • An authentic voice and the story to tell

Who doesn’t want to make a positive impact on everyday life? This is what a new frontage can contribute to a business.

Shops, restaurants and cosy cafés make life richer for everyone. They invite the outside world in and help create a more vibrant city. A leading edge city, where life is experienced through different concepts and meets real needs.

Where successful establishment, facilitation and letting serve as a showcase, a shop window that invites the outside world in and help the city to grow.

Challenges with integration cannot be solved by our politicians alone, we need companies that step up as well. This is what we in Prepublica hope for the future.

Doing good

Best part of this project was when the CEO of the company few months after the launch came in to our office and shared the news that they had just been taken on to help revitalise Rinkebystråket.

Part of a suburb in the northwest of Stockholm’s inner city, that have been in decline for the last couple of decades, which was now given a new chance.

The pride in her voice expressing how contributing to something authentically good still gets us emotional.

Go Frontage!

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