As you can see, money was not a problem at Nordic Finance. Neither was hiring Annie Leibowitz for this awesome picture (just kidding).

Client story:
How Nordic Finance found purpose

Nordic Finance were getting ready to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

They had had many very successful years in terms of revenue and they had achieved a leading position in the industry. But surely there must be something more to celebrate than just making money, they asked themselves?

About Nordic Finance

Nordic Finance is a modern financial partner founded in 2007. The company has grown and today employs 30 employees with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Eskilstuna and Helsinki.

They felt something was missing in their story.

There was a need to rediscover why they were in business in the first place, what made them unique and what motivated them.

Thats when Frontit, colleagues in the industry, who had been assigned to look into the internal change for their organisation called us to come and assist them in helping Nordic Finance find their meaning.

Only making money was not enough anymore

Christian Hansson

Starting the discovery process

In order for Nordic Finance to find a new direction and to reinstall inspiration and motivation in their organisation, we took the owners through an intense discovery process.

A series of workshops and exercises, both as a group and as individuals, conducted to help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their dreams and aspirations, and to learn more about who they are in service for, their customers.

Together we found out about the expectations out there, and how others are trying to meet that demand.

Telling a story through painting is a powerful way of getting what’s in your heart out into the world. 
Try it yourself (Instagram #prepublica if you’re feeling brave).

Few of Nordic Finance’s takeaways:

  • They found the real purpose of their business
  • They got a better understanding of their audience
  • A colourful new story that re-energised their company
  • They found their own unique positioning in their market
  • A strategy that sets them apart from other existing alternatives

In addition, for them to expand their map and learn to easier navigate in it we also shared insights about the current state of the world and the trends that we saw emerge in their trajectory.

The gathered components altogether set the foundation for their new strategy.

A short movie based upon their new story.

Finding a new pride in work

Nordic Finance has now a purpose-driven strategy that they can rely on for a long time to come.

They have an authentic new story that deeply connects them with their customers and attracts new ones.

Maybe more important than that, they have found a new pride in their work, which both motivates and energises employees.

Their rediscovered purpose translates into increased every day happiness.

Words from the CEO

“Nordic Finance hired Parham and his expertise in brand strategy as part of a major strategic project that Nordic Finance is undergoing.

Parham and his colleagues provided commitment and competencies in a commendable way and ensured that Nordic Finance now has a coherent, humane brand strategy that we can rely on for a long time to come.

If you’re looking for someone who commits wholeheartedly to a branding project, I strongly recommend listening to what Prepublica have to say and offer!”

Christian Hansson

Quick question, was the Nordic Finance story relatable?

Parham Shafti

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